Creating an Iconic Catwalk Experience 

The goal was to design and produce an immersive video experience that matched the aesthetic and production value of the fashion show, but could be shared in real-time by celebrity guests.
The result was an organic audience larger than the Super Bowl.

The groundbreaking concept, designed and produced by OM, with generative visuals from The Mill, created a mind bending environment for celebrity cameos, captured by a full sized techno-crane. The videos were posted by dozens of celebrity guests, reaching an audience of over 150 million people in the first 24 hours, larger than the Nielson rating of 98 million who watched the 2018 Super Bowl.
This video was filmed in under 30 seconds and the edited automagically by our algorithmic software in under a minute.
That means these videos were shareable in under 2 minutes of the celebrity walking on set.
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