I ran creative direction on the brand identity and interior design for Folklore. I chose the moon as our primary element as a testimony to how long and often the moon has been a part of lore and myth throughout human existence. Specifically, the lore of Houyi and Chang'e revolving around the moon, love, food, and immortality. 
Same Same, But Different... This is the core principle guiding the work at Folklore. We're all the same, but we're all unique. We are more alike than we are different. The restaurant pulls food stories from all over the world and tells them through the lens of the new American South.

I worked with local carpenter Bernard Nolan to create booths and woodwork that would carry over the curvature of the moon and softness of its angles. We sourced specialty light fixtures that kept the sphere motif and added movement like falling stars. We then brought in Sofie Whyte-Buck to tell the story of Houyi and Chang'e through paintings on the wall mounted amidst a mural wallpaper of the sky in gilver.
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