From the Red Carpet to Instagram — Instantly.

The Academy wanted to capture the moment by letting stars create and share unique video content, on the spot, with their massive social media audiences.
On-Brand Creative & Immersive Set Design

We collaborated with The 91st Academy Awards Ceremony to create a unique concept, incorporating their brand into a spectacular 3-dimensional set design comprised of custom LED tubes with synchronized, dynamic colors.

Our production team scripted cinematography, music and a custom video editing sequence, powered by our OM Studio Platform.

On the day of the event, I and our cinematographer shot single takes on a RED camera. They arrived at an iPad within 30 seconds — branded, edited and ready to be shared with the world.
Over 3 Million Views on Instagram.
Organic Instagram posts by Major celebrities in real time.
The Academy’s most-viewed social media post, ever.​​​​​​​
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